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New Math?

Math was never my best subject. Recently I went to JoAnn to buy the 4 skeins of yarn pictured below. I came home with 16 skeins. The two on the left are for the buddy bag for my niece. The two on the right are for the blankets I include in my Operation Christmas Child boxes.

Yarn Purchase 1
What I went to the store for…

This is what I came home with. Can I blame my counting problem on the new(ish) common core math? It can make 4=16, right??

Yarn Purchase
All the yarn I bought at the store.

Although I went a little crazy buying yarn, I do have plans for most of it. I try to avoid buying yarn ‘just because’ – I’ve learned that those skeins sit around the longest while I try to find the perfect project for them.

The four at the top of the picture are Premier Sweet Roll yarns. Left to right the colors are ‘Wasabi Pop’, ‘Raspberry Swirl’, ‘Root Beer Pop’, and ‘Birthday Cake Pop’. Most of the ladies at my bi-monthly knitting/crochet group make hats, mittens, and scarves for the Salvation Army to give to those in need at Christmas. I’ve been wanting to make some things, and these seemed like great kid colors.

The four skeins at the bottom of the picture are Bernat Satin. They were on clearance, and I’ve learned from past experience that when yarn goes on clearance, it is most likely being discontinued. I did try to only choose colors that I would use, but these don’t have any particular projects planned for them. The colors are ‘Loyal Royal’ (blue), ‘Lavender’, and the one that looks black is actually a tweed-ish dark purple called ‘Plum Mist Heather’.

The remaining four on the right are Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight. The colors are ‘Violas’ and ‘Chili’. The plan for these is to make two pairs of socks, and hope that one pair fits me, and the other fits my Mom. While I enjoy knitting socks, I have trouble getting the sizes right. I have high hopes that this blog post from Knitting Today will help me knit correctly sized socks.

If you have any sock sizing recommendations, leave a link for me!


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